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Innovation is everywhere
Innovation is
except the way we work
except the way
we work.

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Gigworks is a freelance marketplace for talents like you to list your services with a price that matches your value.
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Quick Facts


Of freelancers are earning more than their peers working a full-time job


Says their life has improved since freelancing and are much happier now


Reported lower stress levels

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How it works

 List your talent and set up your profile

Create a gig

List your talent & set up your profile (more detailed the better!)

 Decide your work and price

Make your pick!

You decide your work, with a price that matches your value.

 Set the pace once orders are placed

Deliver great work

Once orders are placed, you set the pace!

 Payment transferred upon completing orders

Get paid doing what you love

Payment transferred to you upon completed orders! Earning made easy like A-B-C.

Innovation is everywhere
Time to change
Quick Facts
How it works