Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated 03 August 2020

  1. Getting Started
    1. What is Gigworks?

      Gigworks is a freelance marketplace for buyers and sellers to connect, collaborate, and get more work done on-the-go. Our mission is to allow better work engagement and enable a more effective service consumption through streamlined search and quality evaluation of services.

    2. Registration

      Signing up and creating an account on Gigworks is free. Simply download the Gigworks app and sign up using your email, Facebook or Google account. Please fill in the information accordingly and follow the instructions on screen to complete your registration.

  2. Accounts and Profiles Settings
    1. How do I change my username?

      Your username cannot be changed once it is confirmed. However, you can create a new account with a new username. Please note that you will need to use a different email address upon creating a new account.

    2. How do I change my password?

      Go to the ‘Account Settings” icon on the top-right corner of the home screen. Under ‘Settings’, select ‘Change Password’ and follow the on-screen instructions to change your password.

    3. What if I forgot my password?

      Simply click on 'Forgot Password?' in the log-in page and follow the on-screen instruction to reset your password.

    4. Why can't I access my account?

      Please ensure that you have entered the correct username, email or password when logging into your account. If all credentials are correct and you are still unable to access your account, please contact us at

    5. Why is my account disabled/blocked?

      This typically occurs when your account has been flagged for violations of our Terms of Service. You can send in an appeal and checks will be carried out to validate the appeal.

      Please contact us at if you wish to send in an appeal to reactivate your account.

  3. OTP (One-Time Password)
    1. What is OTP?

      OTP is an existing security feature introduced by Gigworks. You will need to have a mobile number registered with Gigworks to receive OTP via SMS. OTP is used for the following services:

      • Verification for first-time users to sign up with verified mobile number
      • Verification for existing users to change passwords or verified mobile number

    2. How fast will I be able to receive the OTP?

      You should receive the OTP within a few seconds to your registered mobile phone number. As the OTP is delivered using SMS, it is dependent on the mobile operator's network and traffic condition. Therefore, there may be some delays during peak periods or on certain days such as Christmas.

    3. Which are the mobile service providers supported?

      Local telcos in Singapore are all supported. If you are using an overseas registered mobile number, your mobile service provider must be on GSM network and provide SMS service.

    4. What if my OTP doesn't show?

      There are a few factors that might lead to not receiving your OTP:

      • Network issue
      • Connection issue

      To resolve these issues, you may try the basic troubleshooting below:

      • Ensure your phone line signal is full
      • Ensure you have waited for 60 seconds
      • Click ‘Resend’ if you still have not received an OTP
      • Restart phone & re-insert your SIM card before trying to make another OTP request

      You should receive the OTP within a few seconds to your registered mobile phone number. As the OTP is delivered using SMS, it is dependent on the mobile operator’s network and traffic condition. If you are still unable to receive your OTP, you can opt to receive it through your email address instead. For situation where both of phone number and email-address don’t work, please contact us at

  4. Gigworks Seller
    1. How do I become a seller?

      Interested in selling? Set up your seller profile!
      Click on the ‘Sell’ icon at the bottom of the home screen to start setting up your seller profile and listing a service.

    2. What are the basic rules and regulations?

      Please refer to our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

    3. How do I cancel/reject an incoming order?

      If you have an issue with an order, you can work things out with your buyer with our chat option before accepting the order. Unaccepted orders will be cancelled automatically after 3 days.

      If you wish to cancel an order after accepting, please send in a request at our Resolution Center.

    4. What do I do if my buyer wants to cancel the order?

      Gigworks takes our sellers’ revenue and reputation very seriously. We understand that you will be concerned when a buyer wants to cancel the order. Buyers are required to provide you with a satisfactory explanation in their Cancellation Request and you can choose to approve or reject the cancellation request made by buyers.

      If the buyer seems uncertain about the work that you have delivered, we recommend that you create a list detailing the work you have done on the order, and explain to the buyer how this list compares to your Gig description and the buyer's order requirements.

      Please continue communicating with the buyer to see if you are able to reach a mutually beneficial agreement on the order.

      If you need further help, please contact us at

    5. What can I do if I want to request for an extension on the order?

      You can use the 'Resolution Center' in the order page to request an extension of your delivery time from the buyer.

  5. Gigworks Buyer
    1. How do I search for a Gig/service?

      Tap the ‘Search’ bar at the top of the home screen to start searching. You can easily search for a gig or service by typing any keywords related to the type of services you are seeking using the search bar.

      You can also explore the Category menu by clicking on the ‘Explore’ icon found in Home.

    2. How do I find a seller?

      If you want to find a specific seller, you can search by typing the seller's username in the search bar.

    3. How do I cancel an order and get my refund?

      Please note that you can freely cancel an order before the seller accepts the order or within 3 days after the order has been placed, whichever is earlier.

      If your order has been accepted, you may request to cancel using the Resolution Center, which is available in your Order page. Follow the steps to submit your cancellation request. However, if you have approved the order and marked it as Completed, you will not be allowed to cancel the order and request for a refund.

      Please note that order cancellations requested via the Resolution Center will only be confirmed after both the buyer and seller have come to a mutual agreement to cancel. You should receive your refund within 14 days of confirming your order cancellation.

    4. What can I do if my order is not satisfactory?

      If the seller has not marked the order as Completed, you may contact them and communicate further. Sellers are able to upload multiple versions of their work for your review before marking it as Completed.

      If your order has been marked as Complete, you may reject the submission and continue to communicate with the seller. Please take note that once you confirm the submission, you will not be able to revise nor cancel the order anymore.

      If the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller is not what you have communicated or agreed upon after extensive communication, you may cancel your order using the Resolution Center.

      Orders are not eligible for cancellation based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the service listing page. However, you may rate your experience with the seller by following the pop up message on the completed order notification, or with the ‘To Rate’ button on your ‘Me’ page.

    5. How do I report sellers and services?

      If at any time, you wish to report a seller or service in possible violation of our Terms of Service, please use the reporting feature inside the app. You may also contact us at for urgent matters.

    6. What if I’m not happy with the results after the service has been completed?

      In the event where you are unsatisfied with the finalised project, our support team will look into the matter.

      The Gigworks Guarantee assures that a full refund will be made to you should the freelancer fail to deliver the final work as advertised.

  6. Fees & Payment
    1. How do I make purchases? Is there any fee?

      Gigworks currently offers two secure global third party payment gateways: Paypal and major credit/debit cards. Every card saved for the first time will be set as the default card for payment.

      Gigworks charges a fee for our Gigworks Guarantee with every purchase made on our platform. This fee covers the processing fees charged by our secure global third-party payment gateways and our promise to refund you if your order does not meet your expectations. This fee is visible on the order page when you check out on the Gigworks platform.

    2. How do I receive payments?

      You are required to register a payout method in order to receive your monthly payout. Gigworks uses secure global third party payment gateways - Stripe and Paypal. - to store each seller’s monthly income before depositing it into the selected payout methods on the first working day of each month.

    3. Will I be charged any fees for listing my service on Gigworks?

      Listing a service on Gigworks is free! For every successful transaction, sellers will be charged a transaction fee. This is to allow us to continue enhancing features, better support Sellers in acquiring more Buyers with the marketing investment and bring us more in line with the competitors.

      The monthly transaction fees charged to each seller varies between individuals as it is dependent on the total earnings of the seller for that particular month. You can find out more regarding the fees here.

    4. How do I change or remove my default payment card?

      You can remove or make changes to your default card for payment under Settings found under your profile page.

      To set card as default:

      1. Log in to the Gigworks app, click on 'Me', and then click Settings > Credit/Debit Card.
      2. Your default card will be shown at the top. If you wish to make changes to the default card, simply tap on Credit Card Selection (the 3 dots at the top right corner) of your selected card.
      3. Select 'Set as Default Card'.
      4. Your selected card will be shown at the top as the default card for payment for your next purchases.

      To remove your saved card details:

      1. Log in to the Gigworks app, click on 'Me', and then click Settings > Credit/Debit Card.
      2. Tap on Credit Card Selection (the 3 dots at the top right corner) of your selected card and select 'Remove Card'.
      3. Your selected card will be removed automatically.

      Gigworks takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for any loss arising from incorrect payment information entered by the User.

  7. Feedback
    1. How do I leave feedback for Gigworks?

      We appreciate your time to leave us feedback. Your feedback is important for us to make Gigworks better for you. You may fill out our feedback form here.

      You may also leave feedback in the app by going to the ‘Account Settings’ icon on the top-right corner of the home screen, clicking on ‘Support’ and then ‘Leave A Feedback’.