Why Hiring Freelancers Is The Way To Go During COVID-19

Why Hiring Freelancers Is The Way To Go During COVID-19

COVID-19 has turned the global economy upside down. For businesses to survive and thrive, they must adapt fast to the ever-evolving situation. If your company requires a particular expertise for the short-term, don’t just follow the status quo of hiring another employee. Instead, find a freelancer who can best suit your needs! 

Here are the main reasons why hiring freelancers will greatly benefit your business:

1. Lower cost expertise

Engaging freelancers is more cost-friendly as they are paid on a project basis instead of for their full-time service. Moreover, companies do not need to provide employee benefits such as CPF contributions and health insurance to freelancers. A business typically engages a freelancer to perform a particular service and pays for the service once it is completed – no strings (and by strings I mean additional fees) attached!

2. No training required

An inconvenience of hiring new employees is the need to invest time and resources into training them. Freelancers, on the other hand, have probably been engaged numerous times for their services before, so they know how to tackle projects with little hand-holding. What makes it especially attractive to hire freelancers this season is that they are highly accustomed to remote working, so workplace disruptions will have no adverse effect on their productivity. 

3. Quality work

Freelancers are highly motivated to produce quality content. This is because ensuring clients’ satisfaction is what helps them secure repeated gigs and referrals. The pandemic has taken a large financial toll on many freelancers. Hence, they are working even harder to secure gigs and may even be open to negotiating fees. This makes it the most opportune time to collaborate with freelancers.

4. Swift delivery

Freelancers are experts in what they do. What would take an unspecialised employee hours to do could be completed by a freelancer in mere minutes. Every gig that a freelancer completes enhances his or her capabilities and efficiency, thus, if your company is looking for a person to get a specific task done fast, you can count on a specialised freelancer to do so.

5. Broader experiences

Due to their diverse experiences, freelancers have a wealth of knowledge and ideas that many traditional employees lack, and this can greatly value-add to a company. Freelancers can resolve problems faster, as they may have encountered similar problems in past projects. Leveraging on the unique insights and strategies of freelancers is an imperative factor for some companies to innovate and grow, and for others, to survive.

6. Maximum Flexibility

The main reason why people choose to become freelancers is they can decide when they want to work. The same flexibility in hours is beneficial to businesses too. Unlike hiring employees the conventional way, engaging a freelancer not only ensures that the job gets done, but that the company pays for the exact manpower it needs and nothing more. Furthermore, since freelancers do not adhere to regular office hours, they might even start immediately on work that was assigned to them on Friday and get it done over the weekend.

There are many benefits to hiring freelancers, but some companies might find it challenging or time-consuming to find the freelancer with the precise skills they need. When a project needs to be completed urgently, posting a job ad and waiting for freelancers to respond simply won’t do. 

This is where Gigworks can help you. We are an all-in-one social platform for businesses and freelancers to connect and collaborate. Our app has hundreds of specialised freelancer listings and a user-friendly interface, so you are bound to find the talent that best suits your company’s needs. Freelancers display their services and portfolio on their profiles, and interested hirers can simply start a chat with them, making onboarding a quick and hassle-free process. Gigworks has a policy to ensure payment will only be transferred after the service is rendered and the client is satisfied. With all the friction from conventional hiring removed, finding a freelancer on Gigworks will be just as easy as shopping online. 

The season of risk and instability that we’re in is far from over, and a new normal for the global economy is taking shape fast. With all the change that is happening, the flexibility and specialised services that freelancers offer could prove invaluable to firms during this period. If you want to find the most suitable talents in the most efficient way possible, download the Gigworks app here!

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